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Life today is complicated

Nowadays we each have an average of 130 online accounts on top of documents, subscriptions, precious memories and more. This means that it can take up to 2 years and over 500 phone calls to close down a loved one's life. Then there's the risk of never finding all of these accounts, documents, subscriptions and precious memories once they're gone. Don't risk losing everything, open up a Biscuit Tin today.

What's included with your Biscuit Tin subscription?

  • Secure digital "vault" where you can store unlimited items from all the different areas of your life
  • Industry-leading technology solutions to protect your data
  • Full export functionality at any time
  • Helpful email reminders to keep everything up to date
  • Add up to five nominees
  • Nominees supported with Biscuit Tin closedown process
  • Accessible to your nominees for 1 year after your death (transferable to future generations at any time)
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