About our team

Sheila Hogan was inspired to start Biscuit Tin following the death of her parents. They had a Biscuit tin full of papers, notes and photos but finding everything she needed was difficult and stressful. Her mission was simple: find a solution to remove hassle and stress when someone close passes away. Sheila was sure there had to be a way to ease the burden of paperwork, endless decisions and uncertainty that had weighed heavy on her shoulders. As the idea formed, Sheila built a strong team around her and gained early interest from investors and the media alike. In a world where there are digital tools to simplify almost every area of our lives, not having one to close them down seems like a glaring omission.

Where we’re going

We envisage a future where everyone has a Biscuit Tin. A world where we plan our end of life like we plan any special occasion, where planning is the norm. In the future people will be shocked if you don’t have your wishes neatly planned out and securely stored. Companies will differentiate their propositions and employee benefit packages with complementary Biscuit Tin subscriptions. It just makes sense to be organised.

Make a difference!

Set up your secure digital vault today and simplify the future for your loved ones