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  • It’s always difficult losing a loved one but when you are trying to settle their affairs that’s where Biscuit Tin really does help. I found myself grieving at the loss of my grandmother and trying to support my grandad and assist with a suitcase full of paperwork. It took weeks to sift through everything, retaining up-to-date policies and shredding items that were years old. Biscuit Tin would have saved me so much time and would have kept all the information, safe, update-able at the touch of a button.

    William, from Ayr

  • After the recent loss of a friend and listening to his wife’s experience in going through all of their insurance policies, bank accounts and planning their funeral made me think how time-consuming and complicated the process can be. I researched Biscuit Tin and realised everything is easy and doesn’t take much time at all. I have uploaded my Will, insurance plans, pension info, savings and shares information as well as photo/s memories and some notes.

    Sarah, from Livingston

  • Dealing with the trauma of both my parents dying months apart was made even harder with bills to pay, policies to track down and the sheer amount of admin I had to deal with; having a Biscuit Tin would have made the whole process so much easier especially as so much is online these days.

    Shabila, from Newcastle

  • Losing my sister was a trauma in itself and concluding her estate added to this. I am a resourceful person but the upset and enormity of the task was a challenge even for me. I truly believe that our journey would have been less stressful and upsetting if we’d had a Biscuit Tin.

    Sam from Bradford