In 2015 Sheila Hogan was inspired to start Biscuit Tin following the death of her parents. They had a Biscuit tin full of papers, notes and photos but finding everything she needed was difficult and stressful. Her mission was simple: find a solution to remove hassle and stress when someone close passes away. Sheila was sure there had to be a way to ease the burden of paperwork, endless decisions and uncertainty that had weighed heavy on her shoulders. As the idea formed, Sheila built a strong team around her and gained early interest from investors and the media alike. In a world where there are digital tools to simplify almost every area of our lives, not having one to close them down seems like a glaring omission.

Awards and Recognition

Biscuit Tin is going from strength to strength this year, as recognised by both Innovate UK and AccelerateHER.

In June 2020 Biscuit Tin won a coveted Global Disruption Award from Innovate UK. The competition was one of the UK government’s first business responses to the Corona virus outbreak and had an unprecedented 8600 applications with only 800 winners across the UK. The award’s purpose is to fast-track the development of innovations borne out of the crisis whilst supporting the UK’s next generation of cutting-edge start-ups.

In March 2020, Biscuit Tin founder Sheila Hogan managed to fight off stiff competition by winning the Fintech and Cyber Security category of the AccelerateHER Awards. The competition is run by Investing Women as a celebration of female founders and their potential to grow their companies and scale internationally. The prize is an international business building mission to California and Berlin where Sheila will have the opportunity to meet with some incredible investors and advisors for Biscuit Tin.

In October 2020, Biscuit Tin made it into the Top 15 of Business Cloud’s Scotland Tech 50 Innovation Ranking. Securing the ‘lucky’ 13th place within a year of launching our digital platform was a great achievement. Scotland Tech 50 shines a light on companies of all sizes doing amazing things with technology.

Our Leadership Team

Sheila Hogan

Sheila Hogan


Sheila has over 20 years’ experience running and designing multiple businesses and providing consultancy as a Business Architect. She is a passionate, visionary leader who makes change happen.

Chris Humphrey


Chris has been working at the forefront of digital advertising, media and marketing since the start of the digital era. Chris has cross-industry experience consulting into business leaders both in the UK and internationally.

Stuart Bell


Stuart is an experienced independent technologist and CTO with over 20 years in digital and IT delivery spread across Telco, Fintech, Hospitality and Financial Services.

Blair McKenzie


Blair is a Chartered Accountant (ICAS) with over 20 years’ cross-industry experience. Blair acts as Chief Finance Officer/Financial Director for a wide portfolio of Private Equity backed businesses.

Richard Angel


Richard works to deliver digital brilliance through the use of technology and data. He has over 10 years consultancy experience with digital media, creative and technology businesses.

Nadine Humphrey


After stepping back from corporate life in London, Nadine now works as a copywriter and social media manager.

Where we are going

We envisage a future where everyone has a Biscuit Tin account. A world where we plan our end of life like we plan any special occasion, where planning is the norm. In the future people will be shocked if you don’t have your wishes neatly planned out and securely stored. Companies will differentiate their employee benefit packages with complementary Biscuit Tin subscriptions. It just makes sense to be organised.