Tie up loose ends

If you passed away tomorrow would your family know where to find your end of life wishes, memories or important documents? Would they argue over your treasured vinyl collection? Or perhaps you have a secret bank account – what if it was never discovered? Biscuit Tin can help!

Why should you tie up your loose ends now?

There’s no time like the present. Set up your secure online vault today to simplify the future for your loved ones – who knows what tomorrow will bring. And getting organised always feels good!

How can Biscuit Tin help?

We provide a secure online vault where you can add all your information and nominate who can access it when you pass away. There are useful “how-to” guides and simple steps to make your information easy to store and update.


The place to store your account information – everything from social media usernames to mortgage and utility details.


Key contact details, as well as copies of your Will, Marriage Certificate, NI number and Power of Attorney documentation all, reside here.


Photos, videos, messages for your family, your fondest memories, favourite things, the secret chocolate cake recipe… they all go in here.


The place to share your final wishes, from organ donation, funeral preferences to who you would like to care for your pets and nik-naks. Share them here.

Losing my sister was a trauma in itself and concluding her estate added to this. I am a resourceful person but the upset and enormity of the task was a challenge even for me. I truly believe that our journey would have been less stressful and upsetting if we’d had a Biscuit Tin.