What story about your life would you most like to share with your family?

Share your story

I had a great aunt who was the best storyteller I’ve ever known and told wonderful stories about my grandfather and their family. It didn’t matter how often I heard these stories, I would sit enthralled, my stomach would ache with laughing so much and tears would be rolling down my cheeks – I loved it. When she was alive, we would jokingly say “You should write a book”.

Sadly she passed away and with her, so did the stories. Now I think back and wish that that book had been written, or at least some record had been made so that they could continue to be passed down to future generations of the family.

So what stories or memories would you like to leave behind for your loved ones? Here’s some questions to get you thinking:

  • What has been your funniest story so far?
  • What was your favourite family holiday or special place to visit?
  • What is your earliest or favourite childhood memory?
  • What are your favourite books or music?
  • What’s your favourite recipe?
  • What are you most proud of so far?

So now you’ve given it some thought, now think about where you can keep all this valuable information so that your loved ones are left with your legacy after you pass away … in a box full of paperwork? In a drawer somewhere? It’s liable to get lost or thrown out by mistake.

The easiest and safest solution is a specially designed digital secure vault like Biscuit Tin. Imagine having all your memories stored in one place where you can create general memories as part of a lasting legacy or specific memories for the special people in your life in whatever format works best for you … photos, notes, audio, video, music. Why not start creating your legacy today and make a real difference by passing your memories down to future generations.

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