How secure is my data?

Everything you store in your Biscuit Tin is encrypted and no one can see it except you. This means that your data is secret and can only be accessed by you or the people you invite to be your Nominee(s) via an authenticated login. No one at Biscuit Tin has standard access to the data you store. The only time we would be forced to intervene and access your data are in specific circumstances like legal disputes or misuse. Even in those special circumstances, there are formally audited procedures that would track and record this special access to your data. In  the unlikely event that someone did unlawfully compromise our  systems where your data is stored, they would not be able to decrypt your data to make any sense of it as it is spread across many data stores with special tokens needed to unlock it. For more details about all the security protecting your data, please see the Security page on our website.