How do I go about creating my Memories?

You can record all the cherished memories of your life inside your Biscuit Tin to pass on as a legacy for future generations. You can create general memories as part of an overall lasting legacy, or specific memories for the special people in your life. Memories can be in whatever format works best for you: photos, notes, audio, video messages, music or a mixture of them all. This can feel like a daunting task and one which will be hard to start. Just start with one thing and continue tackling it, bit-by-bit. You might want to do this in a logical order, working backwards from where you are today, looking back through the years and decades or by starting from the beginning: where and when you were born, where you grew up, schools, university or colleges attended, career choices, etc. Think about the people in your life at these key times and maybe involve them in recalling the memories, or leave a message for them. Have fun doing it! It’s the story of your life and your lasting legacy which will be a priceless gift to those you leave behind.