What happens when I die?

Each of the Nominees you invited will have a login to access your Biscuit Tin. One of the Nominees needs to inform Biscuit Tin of your death. They can do this by logging in and uploading a digital copy of your Death Certificate. Our Biscuit Tin team will then authenticate your Death Certificate and verify […]

What can my Nominees see?

Whilst you are still around, your Nominees can only see the information needed in a critical illness / incapacity scenario for example, your Lasting Power of Attorney, Advance Directive or other wishes if you were critically ill, or information they would need immediate access to upon your death. These are things like organ donation, guardianship […]

How secure is my data?

Everything you store in your Biscuit Tin is encrypted and no one can see it except you. This means that your data is secret and can only be accessed by you or the people you invite to be your Nominee(s) via an authenticated login. No one at Biscuit Tin has standard access to the data […]