What is the identity check?

We work with one of the global leaders in Digital Identity verification – Yoti, to ensure only genuine customers can create a Biscuit Tin. High level face matching and document authentications via your Passport, Driving Licence or Identity Papers are quickly performed and in no time at all your identity check will be complete. There […]

What is mobile verification?

We need to make sure we can authenticate you correctly as the creator of your Biscuit Tin. As well as your email address, we also ask you to verify your mobile number. This provides us with two ways to authenticate any future access to your vault. Once you have verified both your email and mobile […]

What is email verification?

As soon as you register your details with us, we will send you an email welcoming you to Biscuit Tin. Within this email we will ask you to verify your email address by clicking on the link provided. We do this to confirm that the email address you registered with is valid and linked to […]

How does the free Biscuit Tin vault work?

Once you have registered for a free vault, you can store  up to ten items including selecting one Nominee. As security for your Biscuit Tin is really important, you will need to authenticate your details. We need you to verify your email address and mobile number via the codes we send you on registration. If […]