How do I report a death to Biscuit Tin?

Only Nominees invited by the Biscuit Tin creator can report a death to Biscuit Tin. Each invited Nominee has their own login to access the creators  Biscuit Tin and there is an option to ‘Report Death’. The Nominee is then prompted to upload a digital copy of the original Death Certificate issued by the Registrar. […]

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your Premium service subscription any time and revert back to our free service. You will not lose anything you have stored up to this point but if you have over 10 items they may soon become out of date. You can upgrade again back to the Premium Service at any time and […]

What happens when I die?

Each of the Nominees you invited will have a login to access your Biscuit Tin. One of the Nominees needs to inform Biscuit Tin of your death. They can do this by logging in and uploading a digital copy of your Death Certificate. Our Biscuit Tin team will then authenticate your Death Certificate and verify […]

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?

Biscuit Tin subscription is automatic so if your card details are valid and have not expired you don’t need to do anything. If your card details have expired we will send you some reminders asking you to change your card details. If all of our reminders to renew your subscription with new card details fail […]

How do I renew my subscription?

Every year, a month before your Biscuit Tin anniversary, we will remind you that your Biscuit Tin subscription is coming up for renewal. At this point in time we will also prompt you to review the contents of your Biscuit Tin to make sure it is completely up-to-date with any new accounts, wishes, contacts and […]

How do I go about creating my Memories?

You can record all the cherished memories of your life inside your Biscuit Tin to pass on as a legacy for future generations. You can create general memories as part of an overall lasting legacy, or specific memories for the special people in your life. Memories can be in whatever format works best for you: […]

How do I set up my Documents?

Keep track of any important documents that may be needed in the future by uploading digital copies and holding information about them in your Biscuit Tin. Also store all of the key information about where to find the physical version of your documents here. Make everything easy to find both for your own reference and […]

How do I set up my Accounts?

You can store all of the key information about your different types of accounts in the Accounts sections of your Biscuit Tin, so they are all in one place and easy to find. This is both for your own reference and for your Nominees when you are no longer around. Accounts range from financial accounts […]

How can I change my Nominees?

You can change your nominees at any time within the Nominees menu within the People section, by adding new Nominees or deleting any Nominees you have already invited. You can select one Nominee once you have registered for the free version of Biscuit Tin, or multiple Nominees once you have upgraded to the Premium version. […]