How secure is Biscuit Tin, really?

One of the first things we are often asked about Biscuit Tin is, ‘How secure is it, really?’ and it’s a good question that we’re happy to answer.

But first, what exactly is Biscuit Tin?

It’s a web app that works on any device allowing people, like you and me, to securely store all of our life information such as financial accounts, insurance policies, bills, memberships, subscriptions, digital accounts along with special memories and wishes, to be used by nominated people post-life, i.e. when you are no longer around.

Sheila Hogan, our Founder, discovered just how distressing it can be to try and follow a loved-ones wishes once they have passed away, if you have no idea what those wishes are. When Sheila lost her parents, she didn’t know what they wanted which meant second guessing their wishes and making some really difficult and personal decisions on their behalf. Sheila had an old physical Biscuit Tin stuffed with papers and photos, but it just wasn’t enough, some things were out of date and it just didn’t cover all that was needed. In fact that’s where the idea of a digital Biscuit Tin originally came from. Now that Biscuit Tin is a reality, making sure everyone’s wishes can be followed to the letter couldn’t be easier.

A non-negotiable when it comes to Biscuit Tin is that it is a completely secure platform.

To this end, the company and products  have been structured to have rock-solid security. Security of the information you store on Biscuit Tin is the backbone of our business. Without industry-leading technology solutions in place to protect your data we wouldn’t sleep at night.

We have your account security covered – we validate the identity of you and your nominees, we use two-factor authentication at every login, we encrypt your data and we use SSL certificates. On top of this we don’t mess around when it comes to testing our site security, we use National Security experts. If you would like to delve a little bit more into the detail and take a look at some of the tools we use, you can do that. Pretty impressive, although we do say so ourselves!

So your Biscuit Tin is set up, secure and you’ve been diligently filling up the different sections (well done!), but what happens when you reach the end of your life and are no longer around to access your Biscuit Tin?

What happens once I’ve died?

Another common question from customers is what happens to their Biscuit Tin once they’re no longer around? And there’s a beautifully simple solution.

One of your Nominees needs to inform Biscuit Tin of your death. (Reminder: your Nominees are the people you trust to share the details of your Biscuit Tin and carry out your wishes to close down your life.)

They can do this by logging in and uploading a digital copy of your Death Certificate. Our Biscuit Tin team will then authenticate your Death Certificate and verify your death usually within 24 hours.

On verification, we will then grant permission to your Nominees to access all of the data you have stored in your Biscuit Tin. This data and every decision you have made in advance will provide invaluable guidance and direction to your Nominees, saving them unnecessary hassle and stress at a time of their mourning. You will have made a real difference to them by making it easy to follow your wishes and close down your affairs.

Your login to your Biscuit Tin will be blocked as soon as your death is verified.

Only your Nominees will be able to access what you have stored and they cannot change anything.

Your Biscuit Tin data will be accessible to your Nominees after your death, providing plenty of time to tie up your affairs – up to 6 months on the free service and 2 years on the premium service. They can also download your data for their records and store it in their own Biscuit Tin.

After this  your Biscuit Tin is archived and locked in our vaults for a further 180 days as protection for you and your Nominees should any legal disputes arise. After that everything is deleted in full.

What if something happens to Biscuit Tin Limited?

Biscuit Tin is bigger than just one person. As a company, Biscuit Tin has a Board of Directors that has a duty to fulfill all obligations to its customers. This includes institutional investors Velocity Capital and Scottish Enterprise. Key Person Insurance is also in place to cover Biscuit Tin Founder, Sheila Hogan, as CEO.

The information within your Biscuit Tin needs to be readily available for either you or your Nominees at all times and may be needed for many years.

All businesses have associated risks of potential sale to another company or going into administration. However, Biscuit Tin Planning Ltd have mitigated the risks to customers on any of these scenarios preventing access to their data by providing the functionality to allow full download of information stored in the unlikely event that it was needed.

As you can see, the security of your Biscuit Tin does not need to be a concern, your only concern needs to be whether you’ve registered for Biscuit Tin yet, or not. If not, then what are you waiting for? You can do that here today.