Packed with some really cool features

Are you always rummaging through drawers looking for lost paperwork? Or perhaps you find yourself on holiday wishing you had a copy of your travel insurance document. Biscuit Tin is the solution. Imagine having everything stored in one place, always accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.


The place to store your account information – everything from social media to mortgage and utility accounts.

So much of our life is conducted online now it can be impossible for relatives to find everything they need to close down.

Simplify the process by completing this section.


This is where you can store all of your precious memories.

This could be anything from photos, videos, messages for your family, the secret chocolate cake recipe. They all go in here.

Inevitably a tough section to complete but one that will be treasured by future generations.


This is the more serious section.

Use it to store a list of your key contacts as well as copies of important documents such as your Will, Marriage Certificate, NI number and Power of Attorney documentation.

You could even store copies of your school swimming certificates here, just for fun!


Wishes really can come true – but only if you share them! What are your final wishes? Have you ever really thought about your own funeral? What about organ donation? What should happen to your pets, plants and belongings? These questions are really tough because they are so personal, you are the only person who truly knows the answers.


The place to store details about all the people who are important in your life.

From your family, nominees, executors, attorneys, advisors and more this is where to store the people who will likely play a part in your end of life closure.

Trusted by families

The information you store on Biscuit Tin is completely private and encrypted – the privacy and security of everything you store in your vault is the backbone of our business.

End of life planning made easy

Nobody likes to think about what will happen when they die. But think about it we must – and Biscuit Tin is here to help. If you find these decisions difficult, imagine how tough they would be for others to make on your behalf. Biscuit Tin lays out all the areas you need to consider to help you plan more easily.


This is where you decide who you trust the most! You get to choose who will be given access to your Biscuit Tin account when the time comes. Some information might be useful to share with them immediately, for example, your organ donation preferences or guardianship for your pet.

Everything else is shared only when death is verified.


Handy Reminders

Once you have set up your Biscuit Tin account, you can receive reminders to keep it up to date.

There’s no time like the present.

Set up your secure online vault today to simplify the future for your loved ones