Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started with your Biscuit Tin.

To get started you just need to register your details here to create a free Biscuit Tin vault.

Once you have registered for a free vault, you can store  up to ten items including selecting one Nominee. As security for your Biscuit Tin is really important, you will need to authenticate your details. We need you to verify your email address and mobile number via the codes we send you on registration. If you want to get going with the complete Biscuit Tin service straight away, you can upgrade to our Premium subscription at any time. 

As soon as you register your details with us, we will send you an email welcoming you to Biscuit Tin. Within this email we will ask you to verify your email address by clicking on the link provided. We do this to confirm that the email address you registered with is valid and linked to your vault  correctly. At this point, we will ask you to verify your mobile number too so that we have two factors to authenticate you against.

We need to make sure we can authenticate you correctly as the creator of your Biscuit Tin. As well as your email address, we also ask you to verify your mobile number. This provides us with two ways to authenticate any future access to your vault. Once you have verified both your email and mobile number you will be able to store and record the less sensitive information in your Biscuit Tin like Wishes, Contacts and Memories but to start storing Accounts, Documents and Nominees we have one last check – we check your identity to prove you are who you say you are.

We work with one of the global leaders in Digital Identity verification – Yoti, to ensure only genuine customers can create a Biscuit Tin. High level face matching and document authentications via your Passport, Driving Licence or Identity Papers are quickly performed and in no time at all your identity check will be complete. There may be a short delay whilst Yoti confirm the identity match behind the scenes but as soon as this is complete you are free to store all your sensitive stuff too like Account information and Documents and create your Nominee(s).

Security for your Biscuit Tin is extremely important as you are storing the details of your life. So that we can be sure we are really dealing with you, we need you to follow a two-factor authentication process every time you log in. You can choose which route you want to use to verify – either a text to your mobile or an email to your email address. We will then send you a verification code. Just input the code we send you on the login page. This allows us to authenticate that it’s you and you can now access your Biscuit Tin digital vault.

There is a password reset link on the login page – when you press this we will send you an email link to reset your password. 

All your details can be changed via the My Details section in the Profile menu (top right of the Menu next to ‘Log out’). If you change your email or mobile no. though you will be asked to authenticate these again by verifying the link we send to your new email address or by inputting the code we send to your new mobile.

Once you’ve had a look around, played with the features and recorded some items, you’ll realise how easy it is to start filling up your Biscuit Tin. You can store up to 10 items completely free but after that if you want to store any more you can take advantage of other additional features by upgrading to our premium service. Getting everything organised has never been this simple, a  Biscuit Tin Premium subscription lasts for one year from the date of purchase and you can use it anytime, anywhere night or day, as many times as you like. You can find out what features are available with a Premium Biscuit Tin via this link.

Everything you store in your Biscuit Tin is encrypted and no one can see it except you. This means that your data is secret and can only be accessed by you or the people you invite to be your Nominee(s) via an authenticated login. No one at Biscuit Tin has standard access to the data you store. The only time we would be forced to intervene and access your data are in specific circumstances like legal disputes or misuse. Even in those special circumstances, there are formally audited procedures that would track and record this special access to your data. In  the unlikely event that someone did unlawfully compromise our  systems where your data is stored, they would not be able to decrypt your data to make any sense of it as it is spread across many data stores with special tokens needed to unlock it. For more details about all the security protecting your data, please see the Security page on our website.

Nominees are the people you trust to share the details of your Biscuit Tin and carry out your wishes to close down your life. Once you have registered for Biscuit Tin,  on our free service you can select one Nominee. Once you have upgraded to the paid version, you can select multiple Nominees (up to five). Your Nominees will eventually become the ‘Executors’ of your Biscuit Tin in the event of your death, so please make sure they are happy to perform this role. The Executors of your Biscuit Tin (your Nominees) are the people who will follow your wishes to tie up all the threads of your life. You only need one or two friends or family members, or you can also nominate a Solicitor if you prefer. An email will be sent to each Nominee you create inviting them to be your Nominee. They will need to accept your invitation and create their own Biscuit Tin login. They will only be able to see certain  details initially (those needed in a critical illness / incapacity scenario) and they will need to report and verify your death before  being permitted to see all the details of your Biscuit Tin.

Whilst you are still around, your Nominees can only see the information needed in a critical illness / incapacity scenario for example, your Lasting Power of Attorney, Advance Directive or other wishes if you were critically ill, or information they would need immediate access to upon your death. These are things like organ donation, guardianship and care of any dependents you have (i.e. children or pets), who your Doctor is and any chosen Funeral Director. This type of information would be needed by your Nominees before a Death Certificate could be issued and registered. Access to the full contents of your Biscuit Tin would only be available to your Nominees once your death has been notified and verified by Biscuit Tin.

You can change your nominees at any time within the Nominees menu within the People section, by adding new Nominees or deleting any Nominees you have already invited. You can select one Nominee once you have registered for the free version of Biscuit Tin, or multiple Nominees once you have upgraded to the Premium version. When you delete a Nominee all of their access permissions for your Biscuit Tin are removed and they are informed by email that their access has been removed. You can invite another Nominee at any time via the ‘Add Nominee’ function.

You can store all of the key information about your different types of accounts in the Accounts sections of your Biscuit Tin, so they are all in one place and easy to find. This is both for your own reference and for your Nominees when you are no longer around. Accounts range from financial accounts and insurance policies to bills, memberships, subscriptions and digital accounts. You can store and organise all of them in your Biscuit Tin so that it’s easy for your Nominees to tie up all your affairs when they need to. Setting this up can feel a bit daunting so we recommend you take it step-by-step, one section at a time, until you have them all recorded. Remember, you can also upload documents that are related to your accounts which might be valuable for your Nominees when they are looking for the addresses of the companies that need to be contacted.

Keep track of any important documents that may be needed in the future by uploading digital copies and holding information about them in your Biscuit Tin. Also store all of the key information about where to find the physical version of your documents here. Make everything easy to find both for your own reference and for your Nominees when you are no longer around. From your Will to your Passport and Driving Licence, Birth and Marriage Certificates,  insurance policies and copies of bills or contracts. You can store and organise all of them in your Biscuit Tin so that it’s easy for you to find and they are protected from loss via flood, fire and theft and in future so our Nominees can easily tie up all your affairs when they need to.

You can record all the cherished memories of your life inside your Biscuit Tin to pass on as a legacy for future generations. You can create general memories as part of an overall lasting legacy, or specific memories for the special people in your life. Memories can be in whatever format works best for you: photos, notes, audio, video messages, music or a mixture of them all. This can feel like a daunting task and one which will be hard to start. Just start with one thing and continue tackling it, bit-by-bit. You might want to do this in a logical order, working backwards from where you are today, looking back through the years and decades or by starting from the beginning: where and when you were born, where you grew up, schools, university or colleges attended, career choices, etc. Think about the people in your life at these key times and maybe involve them in recalling the memories, or leave a message for them. Have fun doing it! It’s the story of your life and your lasting legacy which will be a priceless gift to those you leave behind.

Every year, a month before your Biscuit Tin anniversary, we will remind you that your Biscuit Tin subscription is coming up for renewal. At this point in time we will also prompt you to review the contents of your Biscuit Tin to make sure it is completely up-to-date with any new accounts, wishes, contacts and memories. As long as the card details you used when you first signed up are still valid, then your renewal fee will be taken automatically on the anniversary of the original purchase date. You don’t need to do anything. If your card details have expired, we will prompt you to update them or upload another card’s details.

Biscuit Tin subscription is automatic so if your card details are valid and have not expired you don’t need to do anything. If your card details have expired we will send you some reminders asking you to change your card details. If all of our reminders to renew your subscription with new card details fail to encourage you to take action, we will put your Biscuit Tin service back to a free service and the features of the premium service will no longer be available.You will not lose anything you have stored up to this point but if you have over 10 items they may soon become out of date. You can upgrade again back to the Premium Service at any time and carry on creating a digital legacy to be proud of and peace of mind that everything is up to date and organised.

Each of the Nominees you invited will have a login to access your Biscuit Tin. One of the Nominees needs to inform Biscuit Tin of your death. They can do this by logging in and uploading a digital copy of your Death Certificate. Our Biscuit Tin team will then authenticate your Death Certificate and verify your death usually within 24 hours. On verification, we will then grant permission to your Nominees to access all of the data you have stored in your Biscuit Tin. This data and every decision you have made in advance will provide invaluable guidance and direction to your Nominees, saving them unnecessary hassle and stress at a time of their mourning. You will have made a real difference to them by making it easy to follow your wishes and close down your affairs. Your login to your Biscuit Tin will be blocked as soon as your death is verified. Only your Nominees will be able to access what you have stored and they cannot change anything. Your Biscuit Tin data will be accessible to your Nominees after your death, providing plenty of time to tie up your affairs – up to 6 months on the free service, and 2 years on the premium service. They can also download your data for their records and store it in their own Biscuit Tin. After this  your Biscuit Tin is archived and locked in our Vaults for a further 180 days as protection for you and your Nominees should any legal disputes arise. After that everything is deleted in full.

You can cancel your Premium service subscription any time and revert back to our free service. You will not lose anything you have stored up to this point but if you have over 10 items they may soon become out of date. You can upgrade again back to the Premium Service at any time and carry on creating a digital legacy to be proud of and peace of mind that everything is up to date and organised.   

Only Nominees invited by the Biscuit Tin creator can report a death to Biscuit Tin. Each invited Nominee has their own login to access the creators  Biscuit Tin and there is an option to ‘Report Death’. The Nominee is then prompted to upload a digital copy of the original Death Certificate issued by the Registrar. Our Biscuit Tin team then authenticate the Death Certificate and verify the death, usually within 24 hours. Once verification of death is complete, access to the creator’s Biscuit Tin vault  is granted to all Nominees, providing invaluable guidance and direction as to the final wishes of the deceased, avoiding unnecessary stress and making it easy to close down their affairs.

The information within a Biscuit Tin Vault needs to be readily available for both Creators and Nominees at all times and may be needed for many years. All businesses have associated risks of potential sale to another company or going into administration. Biscuit Tin Planning Ltd have mitigated the risks to Customers on any of these scenarios preventing access to their data by providing the functionality to allow full download of all information stored in the unlikely event that it was needed.